Saturday, May 11, 2013

Return of the Artist

I have fallen in love with watercolor.  I dabble in art and have done so for most ofmy life.  I don’t seem to be able tomotivate myself to sit down and do original works of art without having sometype of structure associated with it.  Idon’t know why.  Maybe it was because although I seemed to have some talent as a child it was never nurtured and artof any kind was always considered a hobby not a vocation.  Or it could be that I never seemed to be able to sit in one spot long enough to really work on a piece of art.  Or maybe, just maybe, no one ever took thetime to teach art to me.

I remember my first real drawing class about 10 years ago with a real art instructor.  What an eyeopener.  It was a skill that could be learned and, like doing math or anything else, with practice it came easier.  I really created some beautiful things.

 Then life got in the way. I began working full time, the classes that were available at the juniorcollege level were on the wrong day, and the Art league only had classes in things that did not necessarily interest me. Suddenly I was out of the habit again and I stopped picking up a pencil to draw, I put my chalk away and my paint brushes remained in their drawer. I did start knitting though but that is a whole other blog.

Then this winter I noticed a watercolor course offered at the Naperville Art League.  I began to take the class a few weeks ago and the instructor is wonderful and I have learned to love watercolors.  I am working on a floral right now and it’s so much fun that even if the final product isn’t art gallery quality, it will all be worth it. I am sure the whole class will be worth it for getting me interested again!