Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep thoughts for a bright June day

Just read an article about the lack of spirituality of our country. So sad, it is so satisfying to lose yourself to spirituality now and then.  It helps you find your center, your purpose in life.

The way I see it, humankind will always form religious groups.  We are tied together by certain belief systems.  We believe in Jesus as our savior, we believe in not eating meat, we believe in Allah as the one true God, we believe in a homosexual lifestyle, we believe in the power of mother earth, be believe in saving the earth. 

What if the religion that we practice today grew out of people who held certain beliefs to be true, who banded together and made rules and laws to preserve the lifestyle that they had, and as we progressed  towards a more complicated belief system they made up of rules and laws to maintain the status quo.  Maybe the future will bring us new religions based on the wants and needs of the individuals of this century.
Just syain’