Friday, August 24, 2012

Changing my look

Coffee, cool morning, late summer feel to the air, It is going to be hot today.   I wanted to change the look of my blog but find that I have very limited abilities in this department.  Think I will keep it like this for awhile.  My husband Gary enjoying the view in Ephraim Wi.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love Just a Pinch!
My son the Rugby Player

My son the Photographer

My Edison Park August

The dog days of summer
 It brings sweet memories of riding my bike up and down the hills formed by new construction at Peewee Park. I can smell the hot tar being poured into the cracks of the street outside my home. I remember standing with my eyes closed awaiting a cool breeze to hit before a storm and the smell of oncoming rain that would permeate the the air.  The grass was crisp and, when mowed with the push mower, gave off a perfume that could lull me to sleep. I spent endless days doing nothing and imagining everything. I spent those endless days of August longing for the first day of school… my youth in Edison park.

   The busy days of summer were over.  YMCA Camp or, in my earlier years, the day camp at the public school called "Social Center" were only memories.  While friends were on vacation I would sometimes spend my days reading, lying on my bed watching my violet flowered curtains blow in the breeze.  And there was the day dreaming, always the day dreaming.  I was a dreamer in every way.

The trip to 6 corners for my new school clothes would happen every august.  This was always so much fun in my earlier years until somewhere around 6-7th grade my taste in clothes took a definite turn to the left from my mom’s taste.  There was joy, argument, tears.  I remember the sales ladies intervening, giving advice to both my mom and to me, to find a medium ground.  I can’t imagine that happening today.  But my Mom would listen to them, after all they are the fashion experts and I would listen to them, after all, weren’t they really on my side? And eventually, at the end of the day, I had a working wardrobe for my first day of school …This all happened at Sears.  Then there was the trip to the store for school supplies.  I loved crisp white paper and unsharpened pencils and new pens just waiting to be used.    Not to mention the lunch boxes.

Labor Day weekend was the last hurrah.  I thought the day after labor day was the beginning of fall.  I hated those 90 degree autumn days. The dog days of summer..always waiting for the next season, always waiting.